Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 2016 Facelift Review

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Price in India


If you do a simple random sampling of a group of Indians who know how

to drive, chances are a majority of them would have learnt driving on

an Alto. Ever since Maruti Suzuki first launched it in September 2000,

as many as 30 lakh units of this entry-level hatchback have been

cumulatively sold in the country. The car’s unique selling points have

been its remarkable fuel efficiency, peppy engine, attractive price

and low maintenance. Add to that Maruti’s countrywide sales

network—you can practically buy an Alto even if you live in the

remotest town in India!


Yet another reason for its success is that the Alto has been evolving

to reflect the changing India. Over the years, Maruti has been arming

it with just the right features a buyer looks for in an entry-level

car, and subtle but timely design updates; these have been appealing

to customers.




The styling of the Maruti Alto 800 looks far from impressive. The old

Alto looked cute even thought it has been around for more than a

decade. With the Alto 800, Maruti Suzuki has just tried to bring

styling from the Japanese Alto and the A-Star, which doesn’t give the

Alto 800 an identity of its own. The Alto 800 has very compact

dimensions and the company has added new bits to make the vehicle look

modern. A new and lighter roof has been added with corrugations to

boost stability. New outside rear view mirror has been picked up from

the Alto K10 but its shocking too see no left side rear view mirror as

standard. The door handles are body colored but the rear view mirror

is not. The full wheel caps look good and the wheel arches are

slightly flared too. The increased height and high ground clearance

makes the Alto 800 look odd. The Alto 800 is thus, no match for the

well styled Hyundai Eon. The conservative styling doesn’t appeal much

and the Alto 800 ends up looking very disproportionvate.




Things are quite different on the inside. You now get a dark grey tone

for the dashboard and new upholstery on the door pads and seats. The

front seats are decent in comfort while frontal visibility is also

excellent. The Alto gets a basic audio system, front power windows,

power steering and AC. The AC has good performance and it fared nicely

in our hot weather. With the facelift, the Alto 800 now gets a

standard left hand side mirror, child locks at the rear and an

optional driver-side airbag.

At the rear, you have good head room while leg room is also pretty

decent thanks to the thin front seats. Shoulder space is decent but

fitting 3 passengers at the rear could be a problem. However, the

seats are lacking in terms of under-thigh support. You also feel a bit

claustrophobic due to the small window area. The rear seats now come

with integrated head rests. The rear doors finally get child locks

now. There is a bottle header in front of the gear lever which can

hold a 1-litre bottle. There is also a small storage area above the

glovebox. The boot is pretty compact at 177-litres




Mechanically, the new 2016 Alto 800 remain unchangeds. This means that

powering the refreshed Alto 800 is the tried and tested Suzuki F8D 796

cc, three-cylinder engine that comes mated to a 5 speed manual

gearbox. This motor pumps out a max. power of 47.65 PS @ 6,000 rpm and

a peak torque of 69 Nm @ 3500 rpm. The Alto is available in both

Petrol and CNG avatars. Maruti could give the engine an ECU remap to

further optimize the fuel mileage. As we said, the Diesel model of the

Alto 800 won’t be launched anytime soon. However, powering the Diesel

Alto will be a 800 cc, twin-cylinder engine that has a maximum power

of 47.5 PS and peak torque of 120 Nm.




The Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 has a feedback rich steering though it feels a bit heavy

at crawling speeds. However, the steering is very direct and despite

being such a small car, the Alto is quite fun to drive. Thanks to its

small footprint, you can easily drive it around and tackling too much

traffic doesn’t get easier than this. The ride is very flat at low

speeds and it tends to get uncomfortable when you hit broken or uneven

surfaces at even moderately high speeds. The car remains decently

stable at high speeds but it’d be best if it is driven below 90 km/hr.

The body feels very light and the super thin tyres have questionable

grip levels.




Maruti Suzuki hasn’t made many changes to the Alto 800, which is

essentially the Alto in fresh clothing, with slight upgrades here and

there. What this results in, is a much better Alto overall but is it

enough considering this is the first facelift to the Alto in 12-years.

While Maruti Suzuki’s brand name is more than enough to keep the

Alto’s sales flying high, we were hoping for a vastly improved Alto to

compete with the likes of the Hyundai Eon. However, the changes to the

Alto are more than welcome and the refreshed exteriors, new dashboard,

marginally more space, slightly more eager engine and better quality

of plastics is enough to justify the Rs. 30,000/- price hike which is

expected on the new Alto


Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Ex Showroom Price in New Delhi ranges from 2,46,752/- (Alto 800 Standard) to  3,75,265/- (Alto 800 LXI CNG Optional) .Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 has 10 Variants of Petrol are available in India. Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 comes in 6 colours, namely Blazing Red,Silky Silver,Mojito Green,Cerulean Blue,Granite Grey,Superior White.

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