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Teleconferencing is becoming pivotal for any business. However, it cannot achieve the desired results and make the right impact without the right teleconference camera. A good camera will capture everyone in high definition and zoom without blur.

There are many video teleconference cameras but choosing the best might be an uphill task. We highlight the best teleconference camera here and help you buy the best there is for you teleconferencing needs.

1. Sony Video Teleconference Camera

Made by the renowned Sony, you expect this camera to be among the best teleconference cameras. The prolific camera is the SRG-120DH PTZ camera.To know more info on video conferencing solution for small business check People Link.

It is a 1080 PTZ camera and gives you HD pictures for 1920×1080 each 60p clear. The main setback for this camera is its price. Though you get quality, the price is a bit too high, unlike the prolific People Link Meet X.

2. Zoom Teleconference Camera

Zoom is the software company instead of hardware company, so it fails to provide the Zoom teleconference camera by itself. But it still recommends other camera made by other providers. The most popular one from those is CAM520. It is a PTZ camera suitable for mid to large rooms.

This camera still offers you quality in pictures. It is best known for its magnifying ability and can bring small objects to full high definition visibility easily.

3. Logitech RALLY Camera

This camera can stream your meeting in 1080p. It is also able to handle 4k resolution video. Also, with whisper-quiet mechanical Pan/Tilt/Zoom, Rally Camera captures every person in the room with truly phenomenal video quality.

The problem with this camera is that it doesn’t support dual screen presentation and has no pre-installed software. Still, it costs more than $1000 and probably making a return might have a long discounted payback period.

4. Logitech BRIO

As one of the video teleconference camera, this camera is able to record and stream at both 720p and 1020p.It is also able to handle 4k resolution and has a 5× zoom.

Furthermore, the camera enables you to zoom at three angles, 90,78 and 60. The only issue is its price which is too high. Furthermore, the zoom of the camera is only 5×, way less strong than People Link Meet X.

5. Logitech Video Conference(BCC950)

BCC950 is also created by Logitech, which is a desktop video conferencing solution for private offices, home offices, and most any semi-private space. This camera has a superior built-in speakerphone and is able to regulate volumes. Thus if one is on a call, you can put the volume down or otherwise interested.

The reverberation of echos is minimized and the experience is the one of people in the same room. It is also a zoom teleconference camera that you can easily zoom objects with and can capture in 1080p. But it only suitable for the small spaces.

6. HuddleCamHD-3x G2 USB 2.0

With a USB 2.0 video connection, this conference camera is ideal for virtually any meeting software used in a small to medium sized room. As a video teleconference camera, HuddleCam gives you an 81° wide field of view and 36° in teleview.

You can also use it as a zoom teleconference camera with the ability to zoom to about ×3 without blurring any image. The camera can capture in high definitely and its focal distance is variable.

How to choose the best teleconference camera?

With the idea of the best teleconference cameras to go for, you also need to know the factors to consider when choosing a teleconference camera.For more details on live virtual classroom software visit Oprst

There are a number of factors but the key ones include:


Every good teleconference camera must be able to capture images at least 720p. Nowadays, the common quality rate has been set 1020p× 1980p. Blurred images will make people have a boring conference and this may lead to low attendance.


Not everything in the conference room will be huddled together. You need a camera that can bring everything into focus by using a camera with zoom. People Link Meet X has zoom of over ×12.

Field of view

A wide field of view means that everyone is captured and no participant of the conference is cut out. There are many cameras with different fields of view. However, if the field of view is less than 70°, you might need to buy another camera. People Link Meet X and Sony video teleconference cameras may offer you the wider fields of view and higher quality as well.

When it comes to a teleconference camera, you need to get high quality, a wide field of view, good capturing and streaming as well as zooming. People Link Meet X offers all of these aspects at a reasonably cheap price. There are also other teleconference cameras and you certainly will not miss out on a good camera. Most importantly, get quality and reliability for your money spent in getting the best teleconference camera.

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